Well log digitizing software HD LogCARD

Well log digitazation software LogCardX HD LogCARD is an extremely versatile program for accurately digitising oil well log prints.

Its capabilities range from standard curve digitisation on western scales to nonlogarithmic FSU style calibration units, computed tadpole results to original HDT data and lithology and core interval data to include perforation intervals.

Unlike other methods, LogCARD uses a scanned image of the log and so does not need a digitising tablet.

There are many advantages to this approach, for instance, the user can zoom in on the scanned image allowing far greater accuracy, saving the LogCARD session to disk will create a permanent archive of the image and digital data, restoring the session will allow the user to review the original work and make changes if necessary, all without the need of the original print.

A powerful option in LogCARD is the ability to compare a log print with existing digital data, in this way the user can confirm that they are indeed the same data set without having to revert to printouts and light tables. The program includes a sophisticated set of options for automatic curve digitisation, on suitable data this method will produce rapid and accurate results.

The log print image is inputted into the program as a TIFF or JPG  format, scanned image files are also supported.

LogCARD makes use of the standard Windows features and has an extensive range of keyboard shortcuts to aid the experienced user.

Once the LogCARD is running, the LogCARD Control Record ( *.LCR) file has to be set up. The LCR file is a SQL Lite mini-database that will contain the header and curve values captured during the digitization.

LogCARD X is an updated version of an original production version first released in 1993. 

LogCardX has recently been released as a commercial oil well log digitization application, it represents more than 20 years of continuous development. Until its commercial release,  it was  used as a proprietary product, in a bureau providing well log digitization services worldwide. It provides the culmination of high quality scanned log digitization experience in a well-packaged, simple to use application.

Well log digitazation software LogCard Well log digitazation software LogCard

LogCARDX differentiates itself from the main competition by its robust implementation of its unique digital data sampling methodology, and its approach to the various fundamental digitization QC issues.

The first important differentiator, is its ability to allow the user to compensate for any level of scanned image distortion. The implementation of the reference ( calibration) grid alignment is remarkably simple and effective,  whereby the created (calibrated vector) grid can be finely & closely overlaid over its equivalent analogue rasterized grid on the log image; eliminating almost all distortion induced depth and scale shift errors in digitization.

Well log digitazation software LogCardX Well log digitazation software LogCardX
Well log digitazation software LogCardX

The second important difference is in curve digitization philosophy. It is a WYSIWIG  “what you see is what you get” approach, i.e. the way the digitized curve appears on the screen is exactly same as the corresponding LAS output or input file, with no resampling or aliasing taking place during import or export. In all other log digitization applications, data is resampled upon export or import. This is especially critical in high frequency “spikey” data where peaks can be lost by this process.

Another important differentiator , is its ability to simultaneously display a set of “digitised” curve values, on multiple scales simultaneously, allowing smooth curve transitions between backups to be managed and scale anomalies identified.

Moreover, the way LogCARDX handles the hybrid scaled curves is far superior compared to its competitors. Hybrid ( or reciprocated ) scaled curves digitized with LogCARDX can be treated  simply like another backup. Whilst digitising a portion of hybrid curve, its linear equivalent is simultaneously displayed. This allows the digitiser to see immediately, whilst digitising , if the linear and hybrid scales are in agreement. This results in acting as QC information for each other. With the ability to see the smoothness of curve transition between backups, the digitiser has total control of all representations of the curve and can ensure all curve segments agree with the common correct value.

Well log digitazation software LogCardXThe QC of digitization work with LogCARDX is simple, since both digitization team and QC team works with the overlay of image and the digitised curves. If the log is digitized by some other utility, LogCARDX allows importing the digitized LAS files onto the image after necessary gridding, and immediately highlights  any digitization errors, even to an inexperienced eye.

We highly recommend LogCARDX for addressing general digital oil well log curve QA by directly matching and overlay with analogue scanned image representations of the same curves. if the digital curves are the products of other legacy digitising processes, then it becomes an invaluable and essential tool in verification of that quality as well as data repair facility.




Easy to learn interface

Compatible with Windows and W2K platforms

Multiple backups including logarithmic, hybrid, linear and reciprocal scales

Digitization capability of lithology, perforation and core sampling

Highly distorted prints can be de-skewed to ensure the scale accuracy is maintained

Manual QC across ambiguous intervals

Computed tadpole results

High quality well log raster images can be used to form a digital data storage system which can replace hard copy print archives

Interfaces with almost any scanner and accepts TIFF images from other software packages

Well-site data records can be updated and output with the digitised data in ASCII, LBS, LAS or LIS format

 Any differences between tape and print can be easily identified and a QC overlay record made on CD-ROM for viewing by the client 

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